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Ahmed Ezz is an Egyptian actor. He has been able to distinguish himself from the crowded pack that we have today in the world of make-belief. Ahmed is a core professional whose approach to his calling of entertaining the people has been taken very seriously. He has worked so hard to sustain the level he has attained today in the industry.

He is an all round actor who can fit into any shape of acting. There are actors today who will not touch stage acting with a pole. Some virtually endured participating in stage acting but now see themselves as too big to undergo the stress involved therein- there is a big difference between appearing in movies and stage acting for your information.

Ahmed Ezz

Ezz is a total actor whose entire life has been devoted to acting; he sleeps; walks; eats and drinks acting. He is a super actor that can be relied upon to deliver anytime any day; either on the small stage or the bigger ones of international dimensions.

Ezz has been in the business long enough; he has paid his dues. For him, recognition came when he participated in the title: Mozakarat Moraheqa. He was offered the lead role; he took this chance and the resultant effect of his efforts was his emergence into the limelight. He has become popular today through that film. He has been in the industry since the year 1998 to the very present moment.


Ezz was born on the 23rd day in July 1971 in Maadi Egypt. The details about his immediate family are not known. As for his own personal details as well; he has chosen the path of secrecy. He is 1.88 meters tall.


Ain Shams University


Al Hafla; Hatouli Ragel and Awlad rezq are some of the films he has appeared in. On television, he has appeared in Al Eyada; Al Adham; and L’Excellence. He has made his mark on stage as well as on Radio.

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Actor
  • Age: 45
  • Date of Birth: July 23, 1971
  • Place of Birth: Maadi, Egypt
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Hair color: Dark Brown

Body Measurement


  • in ft: 6’ 2”.
  • in cm: 188
  • in m: 1.88

Family Details

  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
  • Nationality: Egyptian.