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Some things happen in this world that is odd. Andrew Wardle represents one of those oddities in our present world. What is odd about Wardle? Catch your breath: He was born without penis! Yes, strange but true. That has been the lot of this 41 years old Briton.

Andrew Wardle

The mother tried all that she could medically to correct the anomaly but without success. When she gave birth to another son who was normal, Wardle was abandoned by his mother to the care of foster parents-Pam (his nurse at the hospital) and Mike her husband.

The medical condition of Wardle is a rare condition called bladder extrophy. This is a condition whereby the bladder grows outside the body. It took 15 surgeries for the bladder to be corrected; but this left Wardle without a penis. That has been his lot ever since. His revelation of his condition in 2015 has made him popular worldwide. A documentary on him was put on hold at the last moment. However, we are made to belief that the project will still see the light of day.


He was born 41 years ago in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester. His upbringing was curtsy of his foster parents. Statistics concerning his measurements are not available for now. However, this must be said, he is a little obese.

There is this one question that every curious observer keeps asking Wardle from one person to the other; this singular question has been asked times without number: How do Wardle couple with intercourse with his dates? This is compounded when Wardle said to those that care to listen that she has dated over 100 women.

Wardle was able to unravel the puzzle himself. He confessed he never allows any of such relationships to get to the level of intercourse before he calls off such relationships. To those that insist on intercourse, he has a way of excusing himself on medical grounds. He however compensates such dates in his own peculiar ways.

However, it was game up when he met true love in Fedra Fabian. Wardle has spilled the beans. The couple is still together. Doctors are optimistic that a corrective surgery slated for 2016 will restore Wardle’s manhood. For Wardle, he is not excited; he has adopted a wait and see attitude.

Personal Information

  • Age: 41
  • Place of Birth: Stalybridge, Greater Manchester.
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye color: Light brown.
  • Hair color: Brown.

Body Measurements

  • Height in ft: 5’ 7”.
  • Weight: 53kg.

Family Details

  • Parents: Pam and Mike (foster parents).
  • Spouse/girl friend: Fedra Fabian.

Other Details

  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: British.