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Angham is an Egyptian singer, record producer and actress. She is a born leader. She is very good in all three areas mentioned in her CV. Her strongest area is obviously in the area of music. She has made greater waves as a Singer than for the other two put together. She is a great songbird.

Her greatest asset as a singer is her voice. She is blessed with a great vocal chord with which she has won several fans to her side. She has used this to great advantage to better her career.

She is the best female vocal to have come from Egypt from the 1980’s up to the present moment; and very successful at that. Her first LP was produced in 1987 with the help and support of her father who is also in the industry. She was the best selling female pop artist in the Middle East for the 2003.

Angham has made waves as a record producer. She is also a promising actress. She refused further roles as an actress after her two appearances because of her beliefs that acting is more time consuming than music.



Angham was born on the 19th day of the year 1972 in Alexandra Egypt. She is the daughter of Mohammad Suleiman and Mageda Abdel Haleem. Angham is a strong character; the attempt of her younger sibling to into music was almost single handedly frustrated by Angham.

Angham has a slim and athletic body. She was married on two occasions but divorced on both occasions; the last was in 2008. She has two daughters.


She did not go beyond high school education.

Net worth

Her estimated net worth would probably be in the region of $10 million dollars.


She had a fair share of movies; though she detests the hours put in and considers it too close for comfort; she made impressions in Night of a Thousand Nights; Bullet Right In The Heart.

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actress
  • Date of Birth: January 19, 1972
  • Age: 44
  • Place of Birth: Alexandria, Egypt
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Parents: Mohammad Suleiman and Mageda Abdel Haleem
  • Boy friend /Spouse: Fahd Al-Shalabi (divorced in 2008)
  • Sibling: Khaled, Ghenwa, Ahmad.
  • Ethnicity: Arab
  • Nationality: Egyptian.