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J-Rush is an American kid rapper of excellence. He is an excellent rapper whose performances time in time out have kept his audience on their feet. When he is rapping music produced by other acts; his performance of such songs is so original one can easily conclude that he is the originator of such songs.

J-Rush is a rapper with a big difference. Many of the rappers out there can only rap the music of other artists; not so with J-Rush. He has his own original songs which he raps. He is therefore a rapper that brings some spice to the table.

The contents of his J-Rush Music YouTube channel are very rich. This is a channel he began four years ago and it has grown so big to the extent that it has amassed more than 30,000 subscribers. The most popular of his videos on the channel: “14 year old rapper KILLS ‘Black Beatles”, has gotten more than 600,000 views.


j rush wiki

J-Rush was born on the 22nd of June 2002 in Omaha, Nebraska and he had his growing up years in that city as well. His works has opened the door of fame unto him. Details about his family background are not in the public domain for now.

He is a handsome young chap whose success as a rapper has not affected his level-headedness in his compartments in public. He is strictly focused on the development of his career.

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Rapper
  • Age: 14
  • Date of Birth: June 22, 2002
  • Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska.
  • Gender: Male

Body measurements


  • in ft: Not given
  • Weight
  • Weight in kg: Not available

Family Details

  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American