Shaila Sabt Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Measurement, Age, Car, Assets, Boyfriend/Spouse

Shaila Sabt is a Bahraini actress, model and beauty pageant title holder. She was Bahrain Top Model for 2010.


Shaila Sabt

Shaila Sabt was born in Manama, Bahrain on the 19th of August, 1993. The names of her parents are not disclosed; ditto for all her personal details. She has a beautiful shape; a lady of excellent elegance at a height of 5’ 4”. She has maintained a level headedness in her relationships to date; no cause for serious worries.

Net worth

Her estimated net worth is not known


Shaila is the combinations of an actress as well as a Model. As an actress, she was famous for her role in the title: Gilgamesh Pearl in the year 2011. She has taken the fashion world by storm. She has had a successful career in acting and Modeling in Bahrain. She is the first nominee from the Gulf Region for the Miss Universe pageant-that record was created by her in 2013.

After a successful career as an actress and Model; Shaila has taken up another challenge. She is now into the world of fashion. She has left her home stead of the Middle East and has taken her fashion to the world at large-her trade has assumed international dimension. She has taken the fashion world by storm globally.


She holds the title of Bahrain Top Model for the year 2010

Personal Information

  • Occupation: actress, model and beauty pageant title holder
  • Age: 23
  • Date of Birth: August 19, 1993
  • Place of Birth: Manama, Bahrain
  • Gender: Female

Body measurements


  • in ft: 5’ 4”
  • Weight
  • Weight in kg: Not available
  • Eye Color: Not available
  • Hair Color: Not disclosed

Family Details

  • Parents: Not known
  • Boyfriend /Spouse: Not available
  • Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
  • Nationality: Bahraini