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There are some few things that are amazing in our world of today. Talking about talents, the majority of them belong to the ordinary category. There are some few acts that belong to the extra-ordinary category, they are simply amazing. Varun Pruthi belongs to that elite list of amazing talents.Who is Pruthi? Describing this amazing talent will pose some little difficulty. He is so talented in all what he does in the entertainment industry to the extent that one will face difficulty finding the right words to describe him. He is one of the amazing Indian actress and dancer. He is also a renowned YouTube act.He is a core professional who is out to give the best and nothing short of the best to his teaming fans that cut across all race and color. He devoted four of his productive years to training in acting- an intensive one for that matter. He also underwent training as a dancer in Bollywood.What we have today after the series of training is an amazing talent that has taken Bollywood by storm. Watching Pruthi doing what he knows best is simply electrifying. He is a performer’s performer at the highest level that one can ever imagine. As an actor, he has shown class; as a dancer, his dance steps are legendary and in a world class. One will wonder how he got to this height from the scratch; when he asked the question pointedly- he attributed it to the God factor in his life.

Pruthi is also very famous for his works on YouTube. He has done a lot on YouTube; his multitude of followers is a clear reflection and credit to someone who has contributed immensely to the development and growth of YouTube.


Varun Pruthi

He was born in Delhi India. His age and details about his biological background is not in the public domain. Records of his relationship are also not available to the public. The fact that he is an amazing talent covers for all those missing gaps. He is beautiful, weighing 68kg at a height of 5 feet 7 inches. He is single.


Acting course in Hollywood California

 Personal Information

  • Occupation: Actor/Dancer and YouTuber
  • Place of Birth: Delhi India.
  • Gender: Male.

Boyd Measurements

  • Height in ft: 5’ 7”.
  • Weight: 68kg.
  • Eye color: Brown.
  • Hair color: Black.

Other Details

  • Nationality: Indian.