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Aaron Gibson is an American Singing revelation. He is a naturally shy person who has difficulty facing people in the public. That was the major barrier between Gibson and Eldorado in the music industry in his early days in the industry.

He needed somebody to push him out of his shell; someone that will help him break the barrier of being shy; someone to make him open up to the public so that his inborn talents will be readily appreciated. Gibson met the qualities of that person in his father.

At 18, his father encouraged him to participate in his first open mic. That was all Gibson needed to launch a musical career that is bound to take him to the top. The power of self-belief is greater that any external force or influence. Gibson owes the level he has attained in his music career to his family; but when The Voice Season 11 came calling; the family in one voice discouraged him.

Gibson was alone; he followed his determined resolve; today the entire family is surprised at the level he has attained in The Voice Season 11. He has surpassed their expectations. He has made the final 11; pundits’ belief he is a very strong contender for the ultimate prize when the curtains are drawn on the Season 11.

His blind performance was electrifying; the impact was great on the judges to the extent that three of them fought over him; he eventually settled for Miley Cyrus. That was the extent of his influence on the judges on one hand and the audience on the other hand. When a vote came up on the choice of whom to evict with Gibson and SaRayah on the cue, the audience saved Gibson.


Aaron Gibson wiki

Gibson was born in the year 1991 in Atlanta Georgia. All other details about his personal life are not known. It is strongly believed that he is still single.


He has a business degree from Kennesaw State University.

Current contest

The voice Season 11

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Singer
  • Age: 25
  • Year of Birth: 1991
  • Place of Birth: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Place of Residence: Kennesaw, greater Atlanta area
  • Gender: Male
  • Parents: Father was influential in his career
  • Girlfriend /Spouse: It is believed that he is not dating anyone for now
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American.