Anna Gunn wiki, bio, net worth, height, age, car, assets, boy friend or Spouse

If you are a movie watcher, most especially the AMC drama series: Breaking Bad; then Gunn needs little or no introduction. For sure the mention of the Character Skyler White will evoke memories of excellence. Skyler White in real life is Anna Gunn.

Anna Gunn

Gunn is an American actress of great esteem. It is not a matter of hype, having watched her delivery on set, you will not but agree with the fact that she is an actress worthy of a place at the very peak when the roll call of honors are being made in the industry.

Her efforts have not gone unnoticed in the industry going by the various nominations she has gotten over the years for awards and on some occasions she has gotten the ultimate prize. If you are talking of excellence in interpretation of roles in the industry today, count Gunn as one of the brightest in Hollywood today.


Gunn was born on the 11th day in August 1968. Her place of birth was in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is the biological daughter of Sharon Anna Kathryn “Shana” (Peters), and Clemens Earl Gunn, Jr. The years 2012 through 2014 can be described as the golden years for Gunn in the industry. She was nominated severally for awards during that period.

As for her private life, Gunn could only manage a decade of married life. She was married in 1990 and divorced in 2009. Her ex is Alastair Duncan. The union produced two daughters- Eila Rose and Emma while it lasted.


Santa Fe Preparatory School; and Northwestern University.

Net Worth.

Her net worth is estimated at $5million dollars.


She has taken part in about 59 titles (video games inclusive) to date.


She has won three awards all within her glory years of 2013-2014.

Personal Information.

  • Occupation: Actress
  • Age: 48.
  • Date of Birth: August 11, 1968.
  • Place of Birth: Santa Fe, New Mexico.
  • Gender: Female
  • Height in ft: 5’ 10”.
  • Height in m: 1.78.
  • Height in cm: 178.
  • Weight in kg: 59.
  • Weight in Pounds: 130.
  • Hair color: Blonde.
  • Parents: Sharon Anna Kathryn “Shana” (Peters), and Clemens Earl Gunn, Jr.
  • Spouse: Alastair Duncan (Divorced 2009).
  • Children: Eila Rose and Emma.
  • Measurements: 35-26-34.
  • Ethnicity/Race: White.
  • Nationality: American.