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Annie Leblanc was born on 5 December 2004, in Augusta, Georgia. Annie Leblanc’s real name is Julianna Grace Leblanc. She was born and grew up in a family with 5 members: her parents and 2 siblings.

Katelyn Denise and Billy Joseph Leblanc are Annie’s parents. Katie Leblanc, Annie’s mother, was born in 1980, in Oklahoma and her father, Billy Leblanc, originary from Louisiana, has same birth year as Katie – 1980.  Billy Leblanc was enrolled in US Navy and, when, Annie was born, he was serving the US Navy, being stationed at Fort Gordon Georgia.

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Annie was one of the three children of Leblanc’s family. Hayley Noelle Leblanc (birth year – 2008 ) is the younger sister and they had one brother,  Caleb Logan Leblanc, ( older than them – birth year 2002 ) which had passed away in 2015. Annie’s brother, Caleb, passed away in October 2015 due to an undetected heart disease.  Annie and her family had suffered after Caleb died and, accordingly to media at that time, Annie wore a hoodie of him for days.

The relation between Annie and Hayley is very closer, Annie declaring that she loves her sister very much. Their professional life have similar aspects starting with education, both of them being homed schooled. Hayley, same as her sister Annie, performed in gymnastic and, after years, quit the sport preferring the media life . Hayley and Annie professionally collaborated for Bratayley and OMMyGoshTV channels.

Annie Leblanc’s main occupation was the sport – she started as a gymnast at only 3 years old and during training years she reached level 9. Annie became famous not only as a gymnast, she was known due her appearances on YouTube channel of their parents named “Bratayley” . The YouTube channel has been created by Kate and Billy in 2010. Through this channel, Annie’s parents started to post about their family life especially the funny moments and also about their pets or their holidays. “Bratayley” is continuing to be active and Kattie with Billy still posting videos every day in which they are including also details about Annie’s career. In 2017, “Bratayley” channel had around 4 million of followers and 2 billion of views.

In 2008, Annie Leblanc created an YouTube channel where she started to post her own videos about gymnastic tutorials, exercises and her performances. The channel has been titled first by their parents as “Acroanna” but later, Annie changed its name in “Annie LeBlanc” . Actually, Annie uses this channel to post her musical activity.

Annie collaborated also for other YouTube projects which didn’t include her family. Two of them were Gyms cool and Seven Awesome Kids.

gymschool annie leblancShe stopped the collaboration for Seven Awesome Kids due to gymnastic activities.

During this time, Annie Leblanc discovered herself and decided to start a singing / songwriting and acting career. In 2017, Annie quits gymnastic activities for her new career and she is releasing her first song, “Little Do You Know”, in featuring with Hayden Summerall. “Little Do You Know” song reached, in the first 2 days, 4 million views.

After this song, in October 2017, Annie released her first composition, named “Ordinary Girl” and posted it on her YouTube channel. From 2017 till now, Annie has a total of 12 songs and in April 2018 she signed with Heardwell records, releasing an album on 04 May 2018. Under nickname “annieleblanc” , Annie won popularity also on the app – where she have more than 13 million fans.

Others of Annie’s song are : “Fly” ( a country pop song which reached 34 on the Billboard Charts for “Country” songs ), “Birds of Feather” , “Photograph”, “Little things”, “Somebody’s Heart”, “Girl Time”.

As actress, Annie Leblanc started her carrier with Rhyme role in Brat YouTube series “Chicken Girls”. She played also in other Brat YouTube shows like Mani, Overnights and A Girl Named Jo which is the last show launched by Brat company in 2018.

Annie has combined singing with acting perfectly and we can find some of Annie’s songs featured in “Chicken Girls” show.

“Chicken Girls” had 3 series and second season show was inspired from the rumors that Annie Leblanc and Hayden Summerall had been in a relationship. The debut episode of season 1 had more than 10 million views on YouTube and for season 2, the show reached between 2 million – 4.5 million views for each episode. Due this large success, “Chicken Girls” show was continued with season 3.

During her career, Annie Leblanc had 2 Tours (The Left Me Hangin’ Tour (2017) and Rock Your Hair Tour (2018) ) and, in 2018, won Shorty Awards at Muse of the Year category . Annie has been nominated also at Streamy Awards / Kids and Family category in 2017 and at Acting in a drama category in 2018.

In 2017, Annie had 1,5 million followers on YouTube and 2,3 million followers on Instagram.

From her personal life, is known that she had only one love relationship. The boyfriend was famous too, Hayden Summerall, and it was very hard for them to hide the relation . Their relation was very short and a reason of their break-up could be the big publicity and media interest on them. Other reason of their break-up was the age – at 12 years old, a love relationship is only platonic with no strong feelings involved.

Annie is very good friend with the gymnast Mia Dinoto ( Mia the Gymnast) . Other of her friends is the Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, her idol from childhood.



Net Worth

In 2018 Her net worth is estimated at $500 000 dollars.

Personal Information

  • Full Name : Julianna Grace LeBlanc
  • Nicknames : Annie LeBlanc
  • Occupation: Singer, YouTube Star, Gymnast
  • Age: 14 years old (2018)
  • Date of Birth: 05 December 2004
  • Place of Birth: Augusta, Georgia
  • Gender: Female
  • Star: Sagitarius
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Hair color: Brown
  • Ethnicity: North American
  • Nationality: American

Body measurements


  • Height in feet: 4 ft 11 inches
  • Height in cm: 150cm
  • Chest size : 24 in. / 60 cm
  • Waist size : 21 ½ in. / 54.5 cm
  • Hips Size : 24 in. / 60 cm


  • Weight in kg: 45kg
  • Weight in pounds: 99lbs

Family Details

  • Parents: Katelyn Denise and Billy Joseph Leblanc
  • Siblings: one sister – Hayley Noelle Leblanc and one brother – Caleb Logan Leblanc
  • Children: no child
  • Dating/Boyfriend: Unknown

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