10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion

‘Religion is the opium of people’. True to this saying, religion was earlier formed with the aim to impart discipline and moral values in the world. However, with time, people started to use it as a drug to limit the otherwise limitless nature of a human. Religion is not the testimony of devotion. It might signify one’s ancestry line or one’s inheritance; however, it doesn’t at all demonstrate anything about the person or his innate nature. Besides,

With this increased cognizance of the cultural diversity and knowledge from all parts of the world, religion has rapidly started being an individualized choice rather than a public identity. In the age of awareness, celebrities too have started converting their religions. Here are the topmost famous celebrities from Hollywood who stepped further from the bounds and changed their religion.

10. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

LiLo caught the nations when she deleted all her bikini photos from Instagram and posted a message ‘Alaikum salam’. Also, she has been repeatedly spotted carrying a copy of the sacred Quran which evidently shows her conversion towards the Islamic religion. Following the steps of The Mercy Girls actress, her younger sister Ali too made her way to Buddhism changing her religion.

9. Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Fascinated by the whims and rituals of Hindu traditions, the born-Catholic Julia Roberts converted to Hinduism. Perhaps this is one of the effects of her film Eat, Pray, Love, a fable dealing with a women’s journey to freedom. She even said in an interview that her interests for the religion became even more grounded when she was shooting for the film in India. Roberts was also seen flaunting a bindi on her 2009 India tour.

8. Madonna


The bold and sensational, a live inspiration for girls, Madonna was originally from a Christian family. Soon after she was familiarized to Kabbalah by her friend Sandra Bernhard, she converted her religion which comes under the umbrella of Judaism. The singer even transformed her name to Esther with regards to her new religion. Besides, her openness for religion and matters of women sexuality has brought the career of Queen of Pop the notice in the eyes of many.

7. Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

Once he was spotted carrying the Buddhist prayer beads in his hands. However, owing to his extremely private life, no one could guess his faith in this religion at that point of time. The Lord of the Rings star was born and brought up in the Anglican Church of England. As time went by, he started his journey on the path of Buddhism possibly to seek inner peace. Bloom’s official conversion took place at SGI’s headquarters in Maidenhood, England along with a group of other Buddhist devotees.

6. Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Gere, as he quotes in an interview, was interested in Buddhist philosophy from his early twenties. The Pretty Woman co-star of Julia Roberts is a frequent visitor to India. In one of his visits to Dharamshala, he encountered the Holiness Dalai Lama. Since then, he is a keen follower of Buddhism as well as of Dalai Lama. He also reveres Buddhist practices and reads holy Tibetian texts on constant basis.

5. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

There is a famous news flick of Leah Remini regretting her fight with Holmes when she left Scientology to convert to Christianity. Apparently, it was when she converted her own religion that she came to understand the intentions of Holmes behind it, that is, saving her daughter from extremism. Scientology holds strong and extreme beliefs in which people sometimes have to choose between the Church and their family. Both Homes and Remini chose their families and walked away from the religion. This was Kate’s second conversion. At first, she converted to Scientology to marry the Titanic actor Tom Cruise.

4. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

Love is above every religion, this is what the life story of Isla depicts. Born in Muscat, Oman, Fisher took many bold steps to be with her lover Sacha Baron Cohen. She moved to comedy films. Then she ensued in the conversion of her religion from Methodism to Judaism. In 2007, Fisher changed her religion to Judaism and took over a Hebrew name, Ayala. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter Olive.

3. Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Two times Oscar recipient Jane Fonda was raised in an agnostic family. After marrying thrice and getting divorced each time, the Youth actress is a heartthrob of women who complain of their life. After divorcing with her husband and CNN Founder Ted Turner, the 79-year old actress converted to Christianity in pursuit of her higher Self, as she said in her interview. At first, keeping her conversion under wraps, Fonda later disclosed the details in an interview.

2. Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle

Following his brother’s footsteps and also his own intuition, Chappelle converted to Islam in 1998. The Comedy Central actor says religion pulls down the ego and pulsates peace into life. Although Chappelle never ever had imagined before to change the religion he was brought up in, later in an interview to Times Magazine, he said that his much-hyped hiatus in 2005 implied to ruminate on the Muslim creed.

1. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor

While media states that her marriage was the sole reason of her religion being converted to Jewish, she said it was strongly her will and she had always been influenced by a religion existing from four thousand years ago. The Cleopatra star was also renowned for recurrent marriages, as many as eight, during her lifetime.


By changing their religion, these celebrities don’t just showcase their brave front but also their pure heartedness and love for everyone out in the world. It testifies how they consider every religion equal and love above every religion. It demonstrates that they are not just movie stars but ‘real life stars’ too.

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Changed Their Religion
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