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Charles Bronson is an actor that readily has a place of honor in the entertainment industry. He is a film as well as a television actor. An American Lithuanian by decent, he is well established in the industry acting the role of a detective officer in most of the films he partook of. At the end of hostilities in World War 2, Charles partook in some menial jobs before he later decided to have a shot at happenings in the entertainment industry.  

Branson’s first baptism in the industry came in the year 1951 in the movie: You are in the Navy now. However, this role was an uncredited one. Bronson has gone further to participate in several other epics that has earned him a name in the industry. The turnaround for him in the industry came in the year 1960.


Charles Bronson wiki

Charles Bronson was born on the 3rd of November, 1921. His place of birth was at that time of his birth a goal region. It was in Ehrenfeld in Cambria County in the U.S. He is child no 11 of his parents. His biological parents are Walter Bunchinski and Mary (nee Valinsky). The poverty in the family was visible to the extent that Charles was forced to wear her sister’s clothes when he had none of his to wear.


Charles Bronson despite being child number 11; scored a first in being the first high school graduate that the nuclear family will ever produce.

Net Worth.

The Net worth of Bronson is put at $12.5 million dollars.


His debut movie was in the year 1951 titled The Mob. He participated in countless others during his lifetime. The last movie that he appeared in was in 1999 with the title: Family of Cops 3.


Charles Bronson won the Purple Heart Award.

Personal Information. 

  • Occupation: Actor.
  • Age: 81
  • Date of Birth: November, 3 1921.
  • Place of Birth: Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height in m:74
  • Height in ft: 5’ 8.5”.
  • Height in cm: 174.
  • Weight in kg: Not given.
  • Weight in pound: Not given.
  • Hair color: Not given.
  • Eyes color: Not given.

Parents:  Walter Bunchinski and Mary.

  • Siblings: seven children; five was his and the other two were adopted.
  • Measurements:
  • Spouse: Kim Weeks (December 1998-2003).

Ethnicity/Race: White.

Nationality: American.