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Coons is first and foremost a legal icon going by his profession training and his inputs into the profession after graduating from college. His volunteer service to the people in his early days is a pointer to what he is currently doing today, i.e. service delivery to the people via the legislative arm of government.

When others do not want anything to do with the Dark Continent of Africa, Chris was in Kenya; not to seek a white collar job, but he came as a volunteer worker to Kenya, the University of Nairobi to be specific. On getting back to the U.S, he worked as a volunteer relief worker. Today; Coon is well known for his political services to the people of Delaware via the legislative arm of government in the 114th Congress of the U.S Senate.

He began as a Republican way back in his student days at college. Today he sees and plays politics from the Democratic point of view. Chris is a junior Senator from Delaware. His political career began in earnest in 2000 in New Castle County when he was President.

Chris Coons


Chris was born on September 9th, 1963 in Greenwich, Connecticut. His biological parents are Sarah Louise “Sally” (née Ives) and Kenelm Winslow “Ken” Coons. He is married to Annie Lingenfelter. They have three children: They are in Mike, Maggie and Jack.


Coons was educated at Tower Hill School and then Amherst College. He came to Africa at the University of Nairobi in Kenya and lastly, Yale Divinity School and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

Net Worth.

Chris estimated net worth is put at $8.94 million dollars; as at year 2014.

Political office.

Coons belong to four major committees, and 12 sub-committees in the Senate.


Chris is not lacking in awards. In fact several have come his way in appreciation of his services to the people. One of such is Champion of Science Award.

Personal Information.

  • Occupation: Politician.
  • Age: 53.
  • Date of Birth: 09-09-1963.
  • Place of Birth: Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height in m: Missing.
  • Height in ft: Not given.
  • Height in cm: Missing.
  • Weight in kg: Not given.
  • Weight in pound: Missing.
  • Hair color: Missing.
  • Eyes color: Missing.
  • Parents: Sarah Louise “Sally” (née Ives) and Kenelm Winslow “Ken” Coons.
  • Siblings: Mike, Maggie and Jack.
  • Measurements: Not given.
  • Spouse: Annie Lingenfelter.
  • Ethnicity/Race: American.
  • Nationality: American.