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It is very important to state categorically here that the name Senator Dan Sullivan should not be confused with the Mayor of Anchorage who also goes by the same initials of Dan Sullivan. Senator Dan Sullivan is a junior United States Senator representing the interests of Alaska in the Senate. His ideology is in line with that of the Republicans. He is also known for the strides he has made in his chosen profession of law.

Dan Sullivan

However today, Dan is more popular on account of his activities on the floor of the 144th session in the Senate. Though Sullivan is an experienced political administrator, an experience gurnard over the years, he is however a first timer in the Senate. Though a fresher in the Senate, he has lent his voice on the floor of the chamber to issues that are very sensitive; he opposes abortion- except in the case of rape or other related vices; he equally opposes same sex marriage.


Sullivan was born in Fairview Park, Ohio. For his formative years, he also grew up in his place of birth. He is by biological birth, the son of Sandra (née Simmons) and Thomas C. Sullivan. His date of birth was November 13th 1964. He has been involved in military service before coming to the Senate; his rank is a Lieutenant Colonel.

Sullivan is married to Julie Fate and their union is blessed with three daughters.


Sullivan is a graduate of Culver Military Academy in Indiana and graduated in year 1983. He got his bachelor’s degree in economics from Harvard University. For J.D-M.S.F.S joint degree, it was from Georgetown University.

Net Worth:

Sullivan is worth between $1.5million and $3.38 million dollars.

Political office:

He belongs to some committees. He is chairs a sub-committee in the Senate.


He is a recipient of some distinguished awards notably for his exploits in military service.

Personal Information:

  • Occupation: Politician.
  • Age: 51.
  • Date of Birth: 13-11-1964.
  • Place of Birth: Fairview Park, Ohio.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height in m: Missing.
  • Height in ft: Missing.
  • Height in cm: Missing.
  • Weight in kg: Not available.
  • Weight in pound: Not available.
  • Hair color: Missing.
  • Eyes color: Missing.
  • Parents: Sandra (née Simmons) and Thomas C. Sullivan.
  • Siblings: Three daughters
  • Measurements: Not given.
  • Spouse: Julie Fate
  • Ethnicity/Race: American
  • Nationality: American.