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Aubrey Drake Graham better known as Drake was born on October 24th of 1986, in Toronto, Canada. Music has been part of his life since infancy. From his mother side, his grandmother used to babysit the famous and iconic singer Aretha Franklin and when it comes to his father side, Dennis Graham (His father) was the drummer of Jerry Lee Lewis’ band and his uncle, Larry Graham participated in Sly and the Family Stone’s band as a bassist.

Drake Net Worth


When it comes to religion, Drake grew up with a combination of Catholicism (From his mother side) and Judaism (from his father side). He claims that he feels more related to African-American people when it comes to culture and more to Jewish people when it comes to religion. This may be driven by the fact that his parents got divorced when he was only 5 years old and since then he lived with his mother in Forest Hill, Toronto. When growing up, Drake went to a Jewish school.

He also followed the tradition and got his Bar Mitzvah at the age of 13 at the Jewish High Holy Days. Drake confessed that it was not easy for him to integrate in school. The Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, where he attended classes, was a white people high school. This and the fact that he was a black Jewish contributed to Drake feeling isolated. He claims that instead of making him feel bad, this made him stronger and gave him the chance to overcome different obstacles during his life and having more confidence in regards to his identity.


How did it all start for Drake?

In the beginning he did not start as the singer and rapper that we all know now, in fact, he started acting in a teen drama series called Degrassi during 2001. He got the part by auditioning for an agent who was the father of one of Drake’s classmates at school so not too much time went by when he got the role of Jimmy Brook in the teen’s TV show. Jimmy, his character, was a wheel-chair boy who got shot by a classmate at school. He participated in the show for about 7 years, since 2001 to 2008 and he won a Young Artist Award in 2002 for best ensemble in a TV series. The show provided a lot of popularity to Drake within Canada since its audience increase year after year. The adolescents loved the show.

In 2006, while he was working for Degrassi, he launched his first mixtape of hip hop called Room for Improvement. The next year a second mixtape was released name Comeback Season. This album was released by his own record label called October’s Very Own (OVO) which included his first hit song Replacement Girl. In addition, Drake made a new version of the song Man of the year (Originally by Brisco and Flo-Rida featuring Lil Wayne) James Prince, Rap-A-Lot Records’ founder, showed this song directly to Lil Wayne because of his son suggestion.

In 2008 Drake’s character in Degrassi was removed from the show since the cast was renovated so Drake lost the main source of earnings he had. He evaluated the possibility of starting working in a restaurant to survive during that difficult time. Not too much time went by and he received a call from Lil Wayne asking him to participate in his tour Carter III. Drake flew to Houston that same night.

In February of 2009 Drake’s third mixtape album was released and it contained the songs Best I Ever Had and Successful that entered the 25 best songs of 2009 list by Rolling Stone magazine.

In 2010 things kept getting better for Drake. He released his first professional studio-recorded album called Thank Me Later. This album got to the top of the charts and turn platinum. It was November of 2011 when his second studio album was released. It became a huge success mainly thanks to the song with Rihanna named Take Care as the title of the album.  In 2013 Drake won a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

During 2013 his third album Nothing Was The Same was released and it got really high on charts and was acclaimed by the critics and Drake’s fans. Drake released 2 more mixtapes during 2015 and then his fourth album studio in 2016 called views. This album contained the song Hotline Bling. The song became number 1 in many charts and Drake’s dancing moves (shown in the video of the song) became a subject of memes and went viral. Hotline Bling won 2 Grammys for Best rap song and best rap/sung in 2017.

In 2018 Drake’s album Scorpions was released as well and it broke streaming records reporting more than 170 million streams on apple music and 132 on Spotify. Only a week passed and Scorpion’s had more than a billion streaming.


The Forest Hill Collegiate Institute

Net Worth

$ 100 million

 Personal Information.

  • Full Name : Aubrey Drake Graham
  • Nickname : Drake
  • Occupation: Singer, Rapper, Actor.
  • Age: 28 years old (in 2018)
  • Date of Birth: October 24th, 1986
  • Place of Birth:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Gender: Male
  • Star: Scorpius
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Ethnicity : African-American
  • Nationality: Canadian

Body Measurements

  • Body measurement: 41-30-55
  • Height in feet:5 ft 11.75
  • Height in cm: 182 cm
  • Weight in kg: 78kg
  • Weight in pounds: 172lbs
  • Chest size : 38 in / 96.5 cm

Family Details

  • Parents:Father Dennis Graham, Mother Sandi Graham
  • Siblings: No siblings
  • Children: 1 son, unknown name.
  • Dating/girlfriend :Not married

Drake on Social media

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/champagnepapi/
Twitter https://twitter.com/drake
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Drake/



Drake Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Measurement, Age, Car, Assets, Girlfriend/Spouse
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