10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Murdered

With stardom arrives the fame, flattery and fans. However, it is only the stardom that also brings with it its own share of repercussions which might not be too hunky-dory every time. It might sound quirky at first however, the truth is that the other side of the medal of success is dark. And at times, as grisly as a coldblooded murder.

The list below sheds light on some of the distinguished celebrities who lost their lives in the hands of tragic murderers.

10. Sharon Tate

Sharon Tate

In 1969, an year later after Tate’s marriage to the famous movie director Roman Polanski, she was murdered by a group of Charles Manson’s followers. At the time of this atrocious crime, Tate was eight months pregnant with Polanski’s child. On a night two weeks prior to her delivery date, she had just returned from a restaurant with two of her friends. All of them were also assaulted to death along with Sharon. It was reported that she was stabbed seventeen times to death and. Following her demise, the term ‘pig’ was smeared by her husband on the outside walls of her house in her blood to evoke media to track out the murderers.

9. Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur

The American actor, songwriter and rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered merely at the age of 25. On his way from Las Vegas Boulevard where he had gone to witness the spectacle of Tyson fighting, to Club 662, Shakur was shot in his right lung along with his thigh and chest by Southside Crips, a Compton gang. Though doctors tried their best to save Shakur but, his condition became progressively worse and he was shifted to ICU. After prolonged internal bleeding, Shakur took his last breath on 13th September 1996.

8. Selena Quintanilla Perez

Selena Quintanilla Perez

When the ones most close are found cheating, it hurts the most. But for Selena, it too her life. Selena’s boutique manager and chairperson of her fan club, who she loved and trusted more than her family, betrayed her and gunshot her dead. Famously known as the ‘Queen of Tejano Music’, Selena was murdered by Yolana Salvidar who was appointed by Quintanilla family in 1994. On a night in 1995 when Selena went to have a meeting with Salvidar in a hotel, she died on the spot after being shot. Post the singer’s death, Salvidar was expelled from her managerial position after being caught red-handed for pilfering money.

7. Biggie Smalls

Biggie Smalls

Christopher Wallace, with a stage name of The Notorious Biggie Smalls, was initially accused of Tupac Shakur’s murder but no one knew that his own fate was written this way. Despite of travelling with security team, the rapper Biggie Smalls died under mysterious circumstances and the definite cause of his death remains shrouded. While returning from the Soul Train Music Awards, Biggie was attacked by a fast approaching Chevy Impala, that in no moment pointed a pistol at Biggie who was declared dead half an hour later after being rushed to a medical centre nearby.

6. John LennonJohn Lennon


This adorable Beatles singer was killed by one of his twenty-five-year-old lunatic fan Mark David Chapman. Earlier that day, Lennon had signed a copy of his album Double Fantasy for Mark. However, the murderer was said to be mentally psychotic. After the murder, he didn’t run away but voluntarily surrendered himself to the police and for his statement, signed the copy of the J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in The Rye.  Lennon was shot with five hollow-point bullets in the shoulder and back. Unable to be repaired, his arteries stopped working and he lost his breath.

5. Dorothy Stratten

Dorothy Stratten

Strange ways people have. She had just crossed her teen years when the Playboy model, Dorothy Stratten was killed by her inordinately jealous husband Paul Snider. As the story goes, Snider shot her dead, raped her and then committed suicide. Unable to bear the wrath of her delirious husband, this budding actress had to bid adieu to this world at a very tender age of twenty years.

4. Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace

Versace, the esteemed Italian fashion designer was murdered on 15th July 1997 by Andrew Cunanan, on the stairs of his home. Speculations were that Versace wasn’t the only target of Cunanan. Between April and July, he had also assassinated five men including Versace. Though the intent is quirky, eight days later Cunanan committed suicide. Since then, no solid evidence has been reported for the murder or Cunanan’s suicide.

3. Phil Hartman

Phil Hartman

One of the leading actors and comedian of the generation, the Canadian-American star was murdered by his third wife, Brynn Hartman. Within hours of killing her husband, Brynn committed suicide, leaving the two children orphaned, one 9-year old and other 6 at that time. Police reports that the wife apparently killed herself after knowing that police officials have reached the house.

2. Bob Crane

Bob Crane

Born as Robert Edward Crane, the murder mystery of this Lucy Show actor is yet to be resolved. Still and all, speculations are that he was killed with a tripod stick and camera wire while he was asleep on 29th June 1978. Suspecting John Henry Carpenter, Bob Crane’s fast friend, the police took him in custody, although no strong evidence has been gathered against him till date.

1. Sal Mineo

The Sicily born American actor was just ended up with rehearsals of one of his theatre shows. Soon after he was about to return home, his co-actress screamed after listening to the gunshot. She claims to have seen a white man running after killing the actor. Some say he was a thief and a pizza delivery man, however, the case remains unsolved as for now.

While many of us still realize the life of celebrities as full of security and calm. However, the murders above clearly depict the darker side of the glam world and teach us a lesson as in how everything actually has a dark side to it. Being a celebrity is no excuse to time, to life and death.

10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Were Murdered
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