20 Hottest Hollywood Celebrities Wardrobe Malfunctions (Oops Moment)

Coined in 2000s, the term wardrobe malfunction was first used by the singer Justin Timberlake when her co-performer Janet Jackson accidently encountered a dress slip. Since then, the term has been in use back and forth, almost every second day in the pop culture news. Oscars, red carpets, celebrity birthday bashes and Hollywood film screening; occasions like these have many times witnessed this disruptive functioning of the clothing. The faux pas of designer celebrity costume is so that it doesn’t just catch the stars to shame but leave very less for fans’ imagination. Following are 20 of the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions that celebrities faced time and again.

1. Iggy Azalea – Los Angeles Concert

Iggy Azalea

For Iggy, wardrobe malfunctions are not new. The most prominent one being her show in Los Angeles. She was performing at her song Booty, and uh-oh her pants ripped. Well, Iggy it happens with all of us.

2. Gigi Hadid – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Gigi Hadid – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

It was her dream to walk the ramp for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and when she did it in 2016, a mishap crumbled upon her. One of the strings in her super strappy black lingerie sort of, tore off. However, it was her strong heartedness and deep professionalism that the malfunction didn’t create havoc in the show, it went on smoothly.

3. Britney Spears – Concert, Las Vegas

Her song Oops! I did it again went alive when she performing in Vegas early this year. Her glittery green-black leotard failed to prevent her nip-slip. But the bold woman that she is, nothing could stop her from giving her best singing, once again.

4. Chrissy Teigen – Super Bowl

Her black lace dress revealed too much when Chrissy along with her singer husband John Legend were in Houston to witness the football championship. But, what an attitude, she laughed it off and even posted her photographs and tweets of the Super Bowl night.

5. Christiana Millian – Red Carpet

First in the premiere of Focus and then again at the red carpet, Millian is surely a millionaire in strong-heartedness. As she smiled in her dark lipstick and sheer black gown, the translucent gown chest revealed too much from inside.

6. Jennifer Garner – Premiere of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible

Embarrassing moments don’t come with a warning. They just happen. While posing for the camera with her co-star Steve Carell, as she lifted her clutch, a wedge inclined from her black dress and oops!

7. Bailey Noble – Emmys Party At SLS Hotel

You can’t win over the natural disasters one being the wind. While entering the hotel for Emmys Party, as Bailey stepped out of her car in graceful skirt and cropped top set, a gush of wind nearly blew off her top but now her confidence. Watch out dear wind, these days girls are more powerful than you. Eh!

8. Bella Hadid – Cannes Film Festival

This is possibly the most hyped wardrobe malfunction till date. To her much trouble, her red sling gown designed by Alexandre Vauthier gave her trepidations throughout the fest. Thanks to the thigh slit in the gown, which was perhaps the longest of all in entire Cannes.

9. Nicole Schrenzinger – Billboard Music Awards

Barely a few days had passed before her Dirty Dancing white gown malfunction when another disastrous moment struck her. As she presented the award for the Best Country Artist on the stage, the sweetheart neckline of her skinny black gown slipped.

10. Adriana Lima – 2017 Met Gala

The ever graceful and calm Adriana when walked the ramp with Gigi Hadid and other Victoria’s angels, her short skirt gave a peek too much in her undies. However, the supermodel managed to carry off the show very well.

11. Doutzen Kroes – Cannes Film Festival

The Dutch supermodel, as she is known to reveal her bikini shots on social media, somehow exposed too much of her back bottom on Instagram when she got clicked in her ripped denim shorts.

12. Joanna Krupa – Random Catch

Undoubtedly, she looked sheer gorgeous in her metallic pipey dress while heading towards a dinner party in December last year. However, while she didn’t realize, or did she, that the camera caught too much of her skin and chest through the dress.

13. Bianca Blanco – Oscar Awards 2017

The young actress, hoping to get into the category of Best Dressed this year chose to wear a nude color gown with actually a split cut too high. She realized it when she started receiving text messages during the Oscar. Following this direful pass of moments, nobody could decide whether last year’s Worst Dressed was better or this!

14. Kim Kardashian – NBC Universal Red Carpet

She might be famous for her notorious sexy cameos but this time it was really a malfunction, not her fault. Her full sleeved cut-out top bared too much of her breasts, even a glimpse of her body tapes.

15. Paris Hilton – Hollywood Beauty Awards

It was a special night for Hilton. Well, it could have been if she had not risked wearing the long split train gown. She almost tripped as an edge of the dress got caught in the heels. Still and all, the shimmering silver made the star look even more gorgeous.

16. Mariah Carey – Oscar Awards 2017

Another Oscar nip-slip in this year, Mariah was spotted wearing a jungle print gown with black cover. Also near before, she had experienced yet another wardrobe malfunction while enjoying a basketball match in Los Angeles with her boyfriend.

17. Emily Ratajkowski – Golden Globes After-Party

The Gone Girl star was left pink-cheeked when while flashing her magnificent satin silk dress she let her knickers show. While her long legs wooed the viewers as she lifted the gown edges, they too went blushing.

18. Alessandra Ambrosio – Ale by Alessandra Beach Photoshoot

Her apparel slip wasn’t in much of a buzz until recently when she adhered yet another wardrobe malfunction while serving snacks to her son. As she bent down to hand over the snacks, her floral print rompers revealed her knickers.

19. Ashley Tisdale – Mother’s Day Premiere, Hollywood

It was not her black choker dress that encountered any malfunctioning. Rather the malfunction was caused by her breast tapes that protruded too much to get the attention of the flashbulbs.

20. Halle Berry – Sets of Swordfish

Although the movie features quite a many of her topless scenes, this was when she was moving in on the sets. Her black jacket dress got loose from her chest and remained so until someone from the crew pointed it out to her.

Despite of styling it out all well, the celebrity designer clothing don’t prevent the stars from giving it all to the camera. Of all the clumsy spaghetti straps, loose stitching and hindering train gowns, Hollywood stars have to bear the repercussions, which unfortunately are, little mishaps here and little there.

20 Hottest Hollywood Celebrities Wardrobe Malfunctions (Oops Moment)
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