With Or Without? See How Hollywood Celebrities Look After Shaving Off Their Beards

After the comeback of legend Jim Carrey, or should we say his full beard, buzz is all about the scruffs and whiskers Hollywood men are carrying in their looks. From simple circle beard to extended goatee and fuzzes, celebrities step into a makeover and then shave it off. While beards are trendy in the la la land, going under the shaver is common too. Here are some of the celebrities from Hollywood who shaved off their beards. For better or worse, you decide. Read on.

  1. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

The big bushman beard of Mel Gibson had been in much hype until he shaved if off a few months ago. Live on a Jimmy Kimmel show aired in early January 2017, the Oscar winner Gibson finally let go of his scruffy beard. Reports are there that after being shaved live by a hipster, the Hacksaw director told Kimmel that the shave had gone really well. So, he even offered a Brazilian wax for free!


  1. Kit Harington

Kit Harington

The grisly, smoky look of Jon Snow in Game of Thrones encountered a makeover when Kit shaved off his long curly locks and his beard too. While his new look received mixed reactions, mostly it was opposed by his fans. One fan even tweeted that Kit without his signature beard looked like pizza without cheese.


  1. Jared Leto

Jared Leto

When people actually got to believe that he could do resurrections, he got his Jesus-like look shaved off by Jimmy Fallon. The shaving process was aired in one of the episodes of Tonight Show, audience cheering and viewers watching the chocolaty face reveal in awe.

  1. Drake

The singer-rapper-actor star stunned his fans after he let go of his bearded looks for Saturday Night Live. Though the show demonstrated high ratings as usual, his new facial style failed to get high five from his fans. Perhaps the Hotline Bling singer is better off with some masculine scruffs, right?


  1. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Soon before the rolling out of the shoots of his character Billy Beane in Moneyball, Brad Pitt was spotted in a shaven look. His much-frenzied beard was gone off. Well, you can say that going under a razor literally transforms his look, from a classic businessman to a saintly mountain man.


  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Take the flicky look of 1998 Titanic’s Jack Dawson, take his 2015 dapper bearded look or the recent look with light scruffs and beard shaven off. Caprio never disappoints his fans.

Leonardo DiCaprio

  1. Will Forte

Currently appearing in Last Man on Earth, Forte literally took his fans by gasp by going somehow weirdo with his razor. Spotted in the Fox’s All Stars Party in Pasadena, Forte has shaved off half his head, half his bushy beard and even his right eyebrow. This by far, is perhaps the most epic facial hair grooming a man has ever tried. What say?

  1. George Clooney

George Clooney

The three times Golden Globes winner Clooney goes back and forth with his beard. However, whichever way you see, it goes without saying how the 56 year old actor looks handsome to his best in every look he carries. Still better, with some light smoky scruffs!


  1. Paul Rudd

Paul rudd

Following the Captain America’s press tour in mid 2016, Paul was spotted in nearly four different looks. Bearded or not, the actor didn’t fail to disappoint the lens with his intelligent grooming and creative fancies ushering off his face. Plus his long cut face carries off each look quite nicely.


  1. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Wiki

While the Blade Runner 2049 actor goes on and off with his beard, the dotty scruffs on his chin never let him down in front of his female fans. Even when most of the celebrities are making shifts in beard and no-beard, Gosling steals the show with light grooming here and light there.

Now that you have seen your favorite Hollywood celebrities with and without bushy beards, tell us what you think about them.

With Or Without? See How Hollywood Celebrities Look After Shaving Off Their Beards
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