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Jenny Johal is an Indian professional Punjabi singer. In life most people attain greatness through a process that involves a great deal of preparation and labors. There are a few in an uncommon category that are born great. In this category is Johal. Johal is simply a singing sensation. How do you describe a three year old issuing a command musical performance? She is great- no doubt about that. Johal did exactly that at age three. This present generation of her Punjabi audience is grateful for the privilege of listening to her velvet voice. Johal will go far in the music industry. She has the full backing and support of her parents. The combined efforts of father and mother is the main reason why Johal has been able to attain the height she is today in the music industry. The mother is much more supportive and she is the main pillar behind her success.

People naturally want to remain in the limelight. They want to be seen and heard; it is natural in the average person to seek fame and self-recognition. However, the parents of Johal have decided wisely to leave the limelight to Johal while they operate from the background. Johal is a trained instrumentalist who is capable of handling some musical instruments.


Jenny Johal

The date of birth of Johal and the names of her parents are not available. Johal is the main focus. Even concerning her, there is no record of her boyfriend. For now, she says she is concentrating on her music. She is beautiful and she is always wearing a captivating smile. She has an athletic build at a height of 1.63m and a weight of 48kg.


Johal has been credited with many songs, her hit release are “YARRI JATTI DI” and “NARMA”. The former is her debut while the later is a new release from her.


She has won the Punjabi Music Best Debut Vocalist

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Professional Singer
  • Place of Birth: Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye color: Brown.
  • Hair color: Black.

Body measurements


  • in ft: 5’ 4”.
  • in cm: 163
  • in m: 1.63


  • in kg: 48
  • in pounds: 105.8

Family Details

  • Boyfriend /Spouse: Single
  • Nationality: Indian.