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Jojo Siwa was born on 19 May 2003. Jojo Siwa is the professional nickname, her real name being Joelle Joanie Siwa. Jojo Siwa is known as an American dancer, singer, actress and YouTube personality . Since she had 5 years old, she began to dance and to prefer the hip hop dance. Other styles enjoyed by her are jazz , contemporary and lyrical.

Jojo Siwa


The place of birth for Jojo is Omaha, Nebraska and her family is composed from her parents, she and one brother. Jojo Siwa’s father, Dr. Tom Siwa,  is a chiropractor and he is from Nebraska . He is married with Jojo Siwa’s mother, Jessalynn Siwa. Jojo’s mother is a professional dance instructor from Iowa. The other member of their family is Jojo’s brother, Jayden Siwa. He is the big brother, older than his sister with 3 years . Excepting the fact that he is known due to celebrity of his sister, Jayden Siwa

Jayden is also a personality in the social – media, participating at TV reality series too and earning some fans. His main occupation is baseball, he has been playing baseball since he was a child.

Jojo has also three dogs which are considered being part of the family  : Coco, Lulu and BowBow .

Jojo Siwa’s support was and continue to be her mother, Jessalynn. Jessalynn is helping by driving to each location where Jojo needs and also buying for her daughter all necessary things for the video shoots .

Jojo’s parents dedicated all their time for she and his brother. When Jojo started her dance career, her brother Jayden was already playing baseball in Nebraska. Their parents had to took a decision to be able take care of both of children. In this way, they decided to live for a while separately. The father rest in Nebraska with the son while the mother moved to Los Angeles, California with Jojo. The family was spending the weekends together in Los Angeles.

Jojo Siwa became famous after she appeared during two seasons of “Dance Moms” and also for her singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store” . In the show “Dance Moms”, Jojo Siwa participated along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, and she was the youngest contestant on season 2.  Jojo Siwa appeared for her first time  in „ Dance Moms” in 2015 and left the team and the show  in 2016 year .

In the same year, 2016 , Jojo Siwa is releasing her debut single  “Boomerang”. In “Boomerang” she is singing about the power and courage to overcome the negativity and about cyberbullying . The single had more than 450 million of views and over 2.5 million of likes.

Next summer, Jojo launched a new song that became next hit of her. It was  „ Kid in a Candy Store” and had a lot of success too. Due to song’s popularity and its video, the next step was the launching of a Jojo singing doll . Another successful single was “Hold the Drama”  and it was released few months after “Kid in a Candy Store” .  In the videos for above mentioned songs, Jojo is demonstrating her talents  : dancing, acting and singing .

Jojo Siwa is known by audience also as the girl which is wearing large and colored bows in the hair. So, in 2016 year, Jojo transformed her passion to a business and she released her line of bows  named “JoJo’s Bows” . To sell her products, she collaborated with “Claire’s” – a company of fashion accessories aimed specially by girls between 6 – 12 years old. Jojo’s bows gained popularity among primary school pupils in the United Kingdom and also arose some conflicts like dress code’s violation for some schools . Due to bow’s price , there were stores that began to do homemade bows, similar to JoJo Bows but less expensive.

These bows are Jojo’s symbol and she use them in all her videos and also in her daily wardrobe. Jojo Siwa is considering them „ as a symbol of power, confidence, believing – ness” . She admitted that she had bow’s passion since pre-school and once she grown up the bows used by her became bigger and bigger.

In the professional life, since 2017, Jojo Siwa has a lot of agreements and contracts. For singing – acting side she signed with Nickelodeon and for the other business she started a collaboration with an American brand store, J. C. Penney, for releasing a line of accessories, bedroom decors and dolls. She has also launched several books for the young children.

As social – media personality, Jojo Siwa has her own YouTube channel named”Jojo Siwa Vlogs” where she is posting daily videos with what she is doing each day. The fans of her YouTube channel are named “Siwanatorz” . Jojo Siwa is posting on this channel her entire life, day – by – day, through different situations / stories like comedy sketches, vlogs, Q&A’s, challenges and other fun videos . Jojo declared in an interview  :

“It’s really fun for me. … It’s like my version of going to the park.” .

On July 2018, Jojo’s YouTube channel had over 2.6 million subscribers .

Jojo Siwa is popular on Instagram too, where she has over 7 million fans.


Homeschooling,  due to Jojo’s busy schedule.

Net Worth

In 2018 Her net worth is estimated at $8 millions dollars.

Personal Information

  • Full Name : Joelle Joanie Siwa
  • Nicknames : Jojo Siwa
  • Occupation: Dancer, Singer, Actress, YouTube vlogger
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Date of Birth: 19 May 2003
  • Place of Birth: Omaha, Nebraska
  • Gender: Female
  • Star: Taurus
  • Eye color: Green
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Ethnicity: North American
  • Nationality: American

Body measurements


  • Height in feet: 5 ft 7 inches
  • Height in cm: 174cm


  • Weight in kg: 54kg
  • Weight in pounds: 119lbs

Family Details

  • Parents: Tom Siwa and Jessalynn Siwa
  • Siblings: Jojo has one brother, Jayden Siwa
  • Children: no child
  • Dating/Boyfriend: Unknown

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Jojo Siwa wiki, bio, net worth, height, measurement, age, car, assets, Boyfriend/Spouse
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