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Kevin Bacon is a notable actor who is a star in the midst of the pack. Kevin is a talented actor with several years of experience on set. He is noted for playing unconventional roles with a trade mark deep voice. Apart from roles as an actor, Kevin has also delved into the world of entertainment through music. He has wonderfully combined these two skills to win awards over the years past. Kevin Bacon is an American. He is a film actor as well as a theater actor. His notable roles are legendry. As a musician, Kelvin can easily hold his own; an authority in the industry. He was brought up in a close knight family of six.

He won a scholarship to study theater arts at age 16 under the tutelage of Dr Glory Van Scottat Bucknell University.  At the age of 17, Kelvin left his home for the pursuit of a passion he so much loved- theater career. This pursuit took him to New York City. The year 1982 was his year as an actor. Kevin had the needed breakthrough winning the Obie Award for his heroics in Forty Deucein that year. There is a trivia game named six degrees of Kevin Bacon. The game is centered on the rich experience of Bacon garnered over the years in the industry.

Kevin Bacon wiki

Bacon made a debut as a director in the film titled Losing Chase meant for the television audience. This debut role by Kevin Bacon won him one Golden Globe Award.Kevin is also heavily involved in advertising work. By the year 2012, Kevin has appeared in major advertising campaign for EE mobile network. In the year 2015, the U S egg industry made him their commercial spokesperson.


Occupation: Actor, Musician.

Age: 58years.

Date of birth: 8th of July 1958.

Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States.

Gender: Male.

Height: in m 1.79.

Height in ft: 5.87ft.

Height in cm: 179.

Weight in ponds: 120-150.

Hair color: Light brown.

Eyes color: Blue.

Parents: Ruth Hilda, Edmund Norwood Bacon.

Siblings: Michael Bacon, Karin Bacon, Kira Bacon, Elinor Bacon, Hilda Bacon


Chest in inches: 40.

Waist in inches: 33.

Biceps in inches: 16

Spouse: Kyra Sedgwick.

Educational background: Pennsylvania Governor’s school for the arts.

Net worth: $50 million.

Ethnicity/race: White.

Nationality: American.






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