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Kevin Patrick Smith was born on 2 August 1970 in New Jersey in a family with 2 older siblings, one sister Virginia and one brother Donald Smith Jr. His mother, Grace Smith, was a homemaker and his father, Donald E. Smith, was a postal worker.

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Kevin Smith studied at Henry Hudson Regional High School. After graduation, he attended The New School for Social Research but, after one year, he left the course due to complaints of his his undisciplined behavior at the institute.

Kevin Smith is known as an American filmmaker, actor, comedian, comic book writer, author, and podcaster. His career started in 1994 when he wrote, directed, co-produced, and acted in the low-budget comedy film “Clerks”. The low-budget production’s idea came after Kevin saw “Slacker”, a low-budget successful comedy film by Richard Linklater.

In order to raise the money to film “Clerks”, Kevin was working in a convenience store “Leonardo” and he also sold his comic book collection. The movie was screened at the “Sundance Film Festival” in 1994 and it won the “Filmmaker’s Trophy”. After film screening, the Miramax executive, Harvey Weinstein, proposed to Kevin to buy his movie. In the same year, 1994, “Clerks” has been at the Cannes International Film Festival and won 2 awards:  Prix de la Jeunesse and the International Critics’ Week Prize. The total film earnings were around $3.1 million.

In 1995, Kevin released his second film “Mallrats” that received a lot of critics. Next films of Kevin were “Chasing Amy” (1997), “Dogma” (1999), “‘Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” (2001), “Jersey Girl” (2004), “Clerks II” (2006), “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” (2008), “Red State” (2011).

“Dogma” (1999) had religious themes and that’s started bad reviews, critics and protests. The film earned a total of $30 million.

“Clerks II” (2006) received a favorable feedback and two awards too ((the Audience Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival and the Orbit Dirtiest Mouth Award at the MTV Movie Awards).

“Red State” is a horror film and it was a “box office disappointment” . After this film, Kevin announced his retirement as film director but in 2013 he reviewed his attitude and declared that “he would continue to make movies but only ones that were uniquely his, as opposed to generic ones that “anybody could make””. Starting with this moment, Kevin directed only horror comedy films as “Tusk” (2013), “Yoga Hosers” (2016).

As a comic book writer, Kevin contributed regularly at “Arena” magazine and in 2005 he released his first book “Silent Bob Speaks” that contained articles already published about pop culture, movie business and Kevin Smith’s personal life. Other of his writing projects/books are “My Boring-Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith”, “Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast”, a short story of “Jay and Silent Bob”, “Chasing Dogma”, “Guardian Devil” and more others.

Kevin Smith became known as actor through his role of Silent Bob in the films directed by himself as Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back or Clerks II. He also appeared in “Manchild” (2006), “Now You Know”, three episodes of “Degrassi: The Next Generation”, “Catch and Release”, “Joey”, “Duck Dodgers”. His last project was in 2017 in the animated movie “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract”.

Kevin Smith shot commercials for Coca Cola, MTV, Nike, Panasonic and appeared in several television shows. He is active on internet too, having his own website, blog and YouTube channel. He is also appeared in 5 documentaries: “An Evening with Kevin Smith” (2002), “An Evening with Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder” (2006), “Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith” (2007), “Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40” (2010) and “Kevin Smith: Burn in Hell” (2012).

In the daily live, Kevin is owning a store, Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. The store is located in Red Bank, New Jersey and it is a comic book store dedicated to merchandise all his films and books.

For a period, after his career debut, Kevin moved in Los Angeles where he started to date with the actress Joey Lauren Adams. After his grandmother became ill, he returned and re-established in Red Bank, New Jersey. His relation with Joey Lauren Adams didn’t resist and they broke-up in June 1997.

Starting with 1988, Kevin dated Jennifer Schwalbach Smith (actually his wife). They met when Jennifer took to Kevin an interview for USA Today. In April 1999 the couple married and on 26 June 1999 their first and only child was born. They have a daughter named Harley Quinn Smith, after the character from “Batman”.

Jennifer appeared in “Palyboy” and the nude pictorial was made by his husband, Kevin.

Kevin’s wife, Jennifer, is an actress too and she appeared in some of his productions as Clerks II, where she played Emma. Other Kevin’s film where she appeared is in 2016 in “Yoga Hosers” film.

Their daughter, Harley, also played in Smith’s productions, her debut being in 2001 in “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” film.

The couple is living in Hollywood Hills, California.


Henry Hudson Regional High School

Net Worth

$ 25 million

Personal Information

  • Full Name: Kevin Patrick Smith
  • Nicknames: Moves, Silent Bob, Bluntman, Lunch Box
  • Occupation: Filmmaker, Actor, Comedian, Comic Book Writer, Author
  • Age: 48
  • Date of Birth: 2 August 1970
  • Place of Birth: Red Bank, New Jersey
  • Star: Leo
  • Gender: Male
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color:Brown
  • Nationality: American

Body Measurements


  • in feet: 5 feet 9 inches
  • in cm: 175 cm
  • Body Measurements: 42-34-38


  • in kg:92kg
  • in Pounds: 205pounds

Family Details

  • Parents: Donald E Smith and Grace Smith
  • Siblings: 2 siblings, Donald Jr. Smith and Virginia Smith
  • Children’s: one daughter, Harley Quinn Smith
  • Wife: Jennifer Schwalbach Smith

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