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Engelmann is an Australian runaway model. As a model, she has proved her capability over the years. She is a model of note. In getting to the top in any profession, approach differs from one person to the other. In the case of Engelmann, she believed she can leverage on somebody to help hold her grip on the top of the modeling profession.

Engelmann took an unconventional approach to achieve her aims. First she took up a job as a receptionist in an office that belonged to the Tobacco merchant and playboy Traver Beynon. The wife to Traver is the best friend of Engelmann. After official hours, Engelmann changes position to become the mistress of his boss.

The intriguing thing about all these is the fact that both Engelmann and the legal wife (Taesha) are collaborators in this shameful act. They share the same bed with the Tobacco Man. To worsen matters, pictures of the duo with Trevor in an uncompromising position. The pictures went viral and the attendant expected public outcry and condemnation followed.

The original intention and goal of Engelmann was that Traver will help better her fortunes as a model. She did not get what she went out for in the first instance. Instead of the much sought for popularity and fame in the modeling world, what Traver is getting now is negative publicity. Her strategy has indeed failed woefully.

Today, Engelmann has put an end to the relationship with Traver; her professed love has now turned into anger and rage. Though Engelmann put up a rather weak defense of his playboy partner; claiming that the pictures were taken by one of Traver children; the release of the pictures to the public was also curtsy of the said child. But one thing is sure: The Damage has been done. Engelmann is in the news for the negative reasons.


Kirsty Engelmann wiki,

Engelmann was born on the year 1992. She is a paragon of beauty who can easily step into the shoes of a beauty queen. She measures 34-35-35 at a weight of 119 pounds. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. Her birth place is in Gold Coast, Australia. Her relationship is dogged in controversy.

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Runway Model
  • Age: 24.
  • Place of Birth: Gold Coast, Australia.
  • Gender: Female
  • Eye color: Brown.
  • Hair color: Blonde.

Body Measurments

  • Height in ft: 5’ 6”.
  • Weight: 119 pounds
  • Measurements: 34-25-35.

Other Details

  • Boyfriend: Travers Beynon(Last affair)
  • Ethnicity: Caucasion.
  • Nationality: Australian.
Kirsty Engelmann wiki, bio, net worth, height, measurement, age, car, assets, boyfriend/spouse
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