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When we are talking of guts; you hardly find people with right stuff. Marco Rubio is among the rare breed of people who possess the right kind of guts. He is a professionally trained lawyer who ventured into the waters of politics. At age 45years, he has done well for himself in the world of politics. Awards have been given him in recognition of his positive contributions.

For success in life, one should be prepared to take risks. Marco is not found wanting here. Today he is a junior United States Senator from Florida; it is on record that he went into the Presidential race to secure the sole nomination ticket for the Republican Party which he eventually lost to Donald Trump. The aftermath of that made him to have a rethink on contesting for yet another shot in the Senate after the current Session which he is part of.

Marco Rubio


Marco Rubio is born in Miami, Florida on May 28th, 1971. He is child number two of Mario Rubio Reina and Oriales (née Garcia) Rubio. His parents were not U.S citizens but both naturalized after the birth of Rubio- they fled Communist Cuba. Rubio is a keen footballer in his youth days; he even got a year’s scholarship on account of that talent.

Rubio is married to Jeanette Dousdebes in the year 1998. They have four children. Rubio’s family presently lives in West Miami, Florida.


Rubio attended the following institutions:  South Miami Senior High School, graduating in 1989; Tarkio College, Santa Fe Community College (now Santa Fe College) in Gainesville, Florida, University of Florida in 1993, and his J.D. degree cum laude from the University Of Miami School Of Law in 1996

Net Worth.

Rubio’s net worth is put at $1.2 million

Political office.

Rubio belongs to four major committees in the Senate and eight subcommittees; he chairs one of the subcommittees.


Rubio is loaded when talking about he has so far received, one of such is from the American conservative union.

Personal Information.

  • Occupation: Politician.
  • Age: 45.
  • Date of Birth: 28-05-1971.
  • Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height in m: 1.78.
  • Height in ft: 5’ 10”.
  • Height in cm: 178.
  • Hair color: Dark Brown.
  • Eyes color: Dark Brown.
  • Parents: Mario Rubio Reina and Oriales (née Garcia) Rubio.
  • Siblings: Dominic Rubio, Daniella Rubio, Anthony Rubio, Amanda Rubio
  • Spouse: Jeanette Dousdebes
  • Ethnicity/Race: American.
  • Nationality: American.