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Meena Durairaj was born on September 16th of 1977 in Chennai, India. Her parents are Tamil, Durairaj (Father) and Malayali Raj Mallika (mother). She grew up on Chirakkal Palace-Kannur Dist. She originally started school at Vidyodhya in Chennai. Her actress career started at a very young age so she had to get home-schooled and take a private coaching when she was on the 10th grade. Meena also started a master’s degree in History in 2006 and is able to speak 6 languages (Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English).

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Nowadays Meena is one the most famous and recognized South Indian actresses but: How did it all start for her?

Meena’s first appearance in the big screen was in a Tamil industry film called Nenjangalin in 1982, she was only 6 years old. She was discovered by Dr. Sivaji Ganesan in a birthday party. He offered a part and her mother, Rajamallika, decided to take her to A.M. Ratnam’s office. Meena appeared in many films when she was a kid and had a very successful career. The key role for her during his childhood was in the movie called Anbulla Rajinikanth. In this film she played the character of an ill child with a terminal disease. The movie was so successful that she became one of the most famous kids in the big screen world and participated in more than 45 movies.

In 1991, Meena starred her first Telugu Film in the movie Seetharamaiah Gari Manavaralu co-starred it with Akkineni Nageswara Rao. The film had a very positive feedback from both the critics and audience and it was showcased at the 1991 International Film Festival of India. She won a Nandi Award for Best Actress for her character Andhra Pradesh in this movie. In the same year she took the lead female role in the Tamil film Oru Pudhiya Kadhai. In addition, she starred both Malayalam and Kannada films during 1991 as well.

Later that year she played the character of Suresh Gopi’s daughter in the Malayalam movie Sandhwanam. This role gave her the opportunity to work with Malayalam legends in her subsequent films.

In 1992 she made her debut in the Bollywood industry with the movie Parda Hai Parda. Summarizing, Meena worked in key roles during the 90s. She had the chance to play inspiring and with unique personalities characters. Meena preferred these kind of roles rather than glamorous ones. One interesting fact about her career is that she acted in films starring legendary actors who belonged to different generations and spoke in different languages. During 1994, one of her first hits took place. The movie was called Nattamai and it was co-starred with the actors Sarath Kumar and Kushboo. The film was so successful that it remained 175 days in the theatres.

In 1996 she starred the movie called Avvai Shanmughi and had the opportunity to starred the films Porkkaalam and Bharathi Kannamma in 1997.

She co-starred some movies with the actor Venkatesh. The couple was a guarantee of success and became one of the most popular combinations within Telugu film industry. They had accomplished 5 blockbuster hits in the Tollywood industry. During the year 2000 she got a part in the film Rhythm which gave her the opportunity to win the award of Best Actress at the Cinema Express Awards. The critics loved her performance stating she made a perfect and emotional act in each scene she participated in.

In 2009 she starred the movies Mariyadhai (co-starred with Vijayakanth) and Katha, Samvidhanam: Kunchacko (co-starred with Sreenivasan). Following that, she played the character of Narain’s sister in the movie Thambikottai. The audience’s feedback was very positive. In the same year she got married with Vidyasagar, a software engineer from Bangalore. They lived in Chennai as well and announced that Meena was pregnant in 2010.

Her first and only daughter was named Nainika and was born on January 1st of 2011. At the age of 5 Nainika participated in the movie Theri during 2016.

In 2012, she starred the Telugu film Sri Vasavi Vaibhavam where she played the character of the Goddess. This movie was co-starred with Suhasini, Priyahassan, Suman, Saikiran, Kannada Sridhar and Raghunatha Reddy among others. Meena was asked to play different roles for a huge amount of movies but deliberately chose the ones she considered more challenging and had more interesting subjects.

After a big pause in her career because of her own decision to advocate herself to motherhood, Meena return to the big screen for a Malayalam film called Drishyam. In this movie, she played the role of Mohanlal’s wife.


Net Worth

In 2018 Her net worth is estimated at $900 000 dollars

Personal Information

  • Full Name : Meena Durairaj
  • Nicknames : Meena
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Age: 42 years old (2018)
  • Date of Birth: 16th of September 1976
  • Place of Birth: Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Gender: Female
  • Star: Leo
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Ethnicity: Indian (Malayali)
  • Nationality: Indian

Body measurements


  • Height in feet: 5 ft 6 inches
  • Height in cm: 167cm


  • Weight in kg: 60kg
  • Weight in pounds: 132lbs

Body Measurments : 36-27-37

Family Details

  • Parents: Fahter Mr. Durairaj, Mother Raj Mallika
  • Siblings: No Siblings
  • Children: Nainika
  • Spouse : Vidyasagar

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