Michael Bennet Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Height, Age, Car, Assets, Spouse

Michael Bennet is an American who is of three clearly defined parts. He is less known for two of these parts. First he is a lawyer who has proven his worth in service delivery to holders of Political offices, particularly those of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, he was once a big time business man who has made a success of his foray in the financial world. He was once the managing director of Anschutz investment Company.

Today however, Bennet is making the headlines for his activities as a Politician. He is the United States Democratic Senior Senator representing the interests of the Colorado in the 114th session of Senate. He became a Senator in a special election when the incumbent was appointed Secretary of the interior.

Bennet’s influence in the Democratic setting was so high to the extent that he was touted to be named a secretary in 2008 under Barak Obama. He is currently serving his first full tenure as a Senator. He has served in some political positions before becoming a Senior Senator.


Michael Bennet

Michael Farrand Bennet was born in the year 1964 in the month of November, on the 28th day of the month to be specific. He was born into a political setting; his father was a high ranking Political player during his time. Michael’s parents are Susanne Christine (née Klejman) and Douglas J. Bennet, Bennet was held back in school because of his struggle with dyslexia while he was in second grade. He is married to Earthjustice on October 26 1997. The marriage is blessed with three daughters. He currently resides in Denver’s Congress Park neighborhood.


Michael went to St. Albans School, an all-boys preparatory school. For his B.A in History, he was at Wesleyan University. For his law degree, he was at Yale University.

Net Worth

Bennet’s estimated net worth is estimated at about $15 million dollars.

Political office

Bennet is a member of three main committees; nine sub-committees- he is a ranking member of two of the sub-committees.


Bennet’s wardrobe of awards is not empty. He has received awards both on the political and academic fronts.

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Politician.
  • Age: 51.
  • Date of Birth: 28-11-1964.
  • Place of Birth: New Delhi, India
  • Gender: Male.
  • Height in m: Not given.
  • Height in ft: Missing.
  • Height in cm: Not given.
  • Weight in kg: Missing.
  • Weight in pound: Missing.
  • Hair color: Missing.
  • Eyes color: Missing
  • Parents: Susanne Christine (née Klejman) and Douglas J. Bennet,
  • Siblings: Three daughters.
  • Measurements: Not given.
  • Spouse: Earthjustice.
  • Ethnicity/Race: American.
  • Nationality: American.