Morgana McNelis wiki, bio, net worth, height, measurement, age, car, assets, Boy Friend/Spouse

Morgana McNelis is a Jewelry Designer, Actress | Costume Department | Producer. That is the brief that can be said of her CV. She comes from a different planet entirely; different from the one that we are used to on this part of the divide. She hates publicity with high passion; when most people crave for and are even ready to pay for their image to be laundered; McNelis has a different approach to such issues entirely.

She is the girl friend of Charlie Hunnam; together they have been able to hide their relationship which began in 2007 from the press for seven years before the affair leaked to the press. McNelis no doubt is disciplined. Even when her beau is to walk the red carpet, she stays behind to avoid the preying lens of the press. She is an actress that possesses her own qualities.

Morgana McNelis



McNelis is into the business of Jewelry and she is damn serious about the business. According to words from her end, she is after top quality. She wants her clients to still cherish the quality of her works even after two decades of buying such. She is out to create a style unique to herself alone. She learnt the art at age 20. Her first jewelry line to go on sale was tagged Black Magik 2012.

She is a lover of animals. Today she and her celebrity beau live in a county ranch with multiple donkeys. They aspire to become farmers. When their colleagues in the industry are savoring the attention of the camera; McNelis prefers the quiet of their ranch home.


Morgana McNelis was born on the 9th of September, 1983. She is a complete introvert who prefers to spend her life privately away from the preying eyes of the public. Even when her celebrity status demands that she be seen in the open by all, she had tried successfully over the years to keep her personal details personal.

Her body statistics is not known. Even facts as simple as her nationality are hidden from the public; her family background is not in the public domain.

Personal Information And Other Family Details

  • Occupation: Jewelry Designer. Actress | Costume Department | Producer
  • Age: 33
  • Date of Birth: 9-7-83
  • Gender: Female
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Boy friend /Spouse: Charlie Hunnam
  • Ethnicity: White
Morgana McNelis wiki, bio, net worth, height, measurement, age, car, assets, Boy Friend/Spouse
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