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Sa’Rayah is a popular American singer. This mother of one has been around in the music circles for quite some time now doing what she knows best- entertaining the people with her velvet voice. She has gained sectional recognitions over the years past due solely to her musical brilliance.

The focus on Sa’Rayah has taken more wider and international dimension-all thanks to her involvement in the American TV reality show; “The Voice Season 11”. She is one of the contestants jostling for a place in the season with an eye on the ultimate prize.

Sa’Rayah is more in the news because of the fact that she was slated for eviction in the contest. Her faith according to the rules governing the contest is dependent on the votes of the audience. She was once in this survival battle last month; and in what looks like a re-match, she is facing the battle again this month to break into the last eleven.

She was up against fellow contestant Aaron Gibson. In last month’s battle, the end would have come for Sa’Rayah but she was saved by Keys. This time around, push came to shove and Sa’Rayah has to quite the contest for her failure to garner enough votes. For her in Season 11; she came; she participated; but she did not conquer.

Sa’Rayah’s sport womanlike spirit is worthy of commendation. After the dust settled and reality dawned that she will have to leave; she was grateful for the opportunity she had to compete with the best of talents and to have worked with the esteemed.

Her post eviction comments would definitely win for her more acclaim from the foes and fans alike from the audience. No doubt, she has provided a meeting point whereby his critics and admirers will agree on. For Sa’Rayah, it is goodnight to The voice Season 11.



She is a native of Chicago. She has a daughter. Every other details concerning is parents and affairs is not in the public domain. She is beautiful with a slim build.

Current contest

“The Voice” Season 11”

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Singer
  • Age: 29
  • Year of Birth: 1987
  • Place of Birth: Chicago
  • Boyfriend /Spouse: It is not certain if she is married or single
  • Children: She has a baby girl whose name is not given
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American.