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Travers Beynon is an Australian businessman; Tobacco tycoon, former AFL football player and also a former Model. He is popularly known as the Candyman and he lives in his Candy Mansion where life is enjoyed on the fast lane. He is very active on instagram; he has been described as the instagram king because of his depth of activities on the social network.

Travers Beynon

Beynon became rich through the income from his Free Choice Tobacco Industry. He is a strategic business wizard; because the name of his Tobacco industry draws people to his brand; smoking indeed is a matter of Free Choice. He has become so rich through this Tobacco Company that he manages as the managing director and by virtue of this; he is referred to as the Tobacco Tycoon.

Beynon has gained a lot of popularity in Australia. His Candyman mansion has added value to his public rating. He lives life on the fast lane. He has many flashy cars in his garage. There are many oddities going on in his palatial mansion-the sight that meets the eyes of a first timer is that of bikini dressed ladies. Beynon does the unthinkable in his Candy mansion. He is an unrepentant playboy.

Recently, Beynon has been in the news for the wrong reason. The whole world is appalled by the way he is treating the dignity of his wife. It is still a baffle how a decent man can drag his wife crawling in bikini on all four while the event is on tape.


He was born on 3rd March 1972 in Melbourne, Australia. His biological parents are Trevor Beynon, Sandra Beynon. He has an athletic body at a height of 6 feet. He is well known for his wild way of approach to life and living.

His first marriage ended in divorce in 2008, it is to 1991 miss world. The union produced two children. He is currently married to Taesha Beynon in a marriage contracted in 2008.


Clairvaux College

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at $50million dollars.

Personal Information

  • Occupation: businessman; Tobacco tycoon, former AFL football player, former Model.
  • Age: 44.
  • Date of Birth: 3-3-1972
  • Place of Birth: Melbourne, Australia.
  • Gender: Male

Body measurements


  • in ft: 6โ€™.

Family Details

  • Parents: Trevor Beynon, Sandra Beynon.
  • Spouse/girlfriend: Taesha Beynon
  • Children: Lucianna Beynon, valentini Beynon
  • Nationality: Australian.


Travers Beynon wiki, bio, net worth, height, measurement, age, car, assets, Girl Friend/Spouse
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