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Paul Michael Levesque or simply Triple H as he is known for is a semi-retired American professional wrestler who currently functions as the corporate executive for the WWE franchise. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, and Creative of WWE. He also maintains regular appearances on the WWE television as a figure of authority. 


Triple H was born on July 27, 1969, in Nashua, New Hampshire. He took to wrestling when he caught a glimpse of a wrestling match on the television at the age of five. He began training at the age of 14 to pursue his dream of a professional wrestler. He attended Nashua South High School and graduated high school in 1987. He later joined wrestling training school under Killer Kowalski in Malden, Massachusetts. He married Stephanie McMahon, daughter of Vince McMahon in 2003 and has three children.

Triple H Wiki

Unknown Facts

  • He co-founded the influential D-Generation X stable in 1997.
  • He has headlined WWE’s WrestleMania, the flagship pay-per-view shows seven times, tying the record with Hulk Hogan.


Nashua South High School

Net Worth

$ 25 Million 

Wrestling Career

  • Debut: March 24, 1992
  • Trained by: Killer Kowalski
  • Stage Name: Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jean-Paul Levesque, Terror Rising, Triple H
  • Signature Moves: Abdominal stretch, Arm-trap Crossface, Chop Block, Flowing DDT, High Knee, Sledgehammer Shot, Sleeper Hold, Spinning Spine Buster
  • Finishing Move: Pedigree, Reverse or Inverted Indian Deathlock
  • Managers: Chyna, The Court Jester, Hornswoggle, John Rodeo, Mr. Majestic, Mr. Perfect, Ric Flair, Rick Rude, Shawn Michaels, Stephanie McMahon, Vito Carlucci

Wrestling Accolades

  • World Heavyweight Championship: Five Times
  • WWF Championship: Nine Times
  • WWF Tag Team Championship: Two times
  • Unified WWE Tag Team Championship: One Time
  • WWF European Championship: Two Times
  • WWF/E Intercontinental Championship: Five Times
  • King of the Ring: 1997
  • Royal Rumble: 2002, 2016
  • Road to WrestleMania Tournament: 2006
  • Seventh Triple Crown Champion
  • Slammy Awards: Three Times 

Personal Information

  • Occupation: Professional Wrestler, Corporate Executive
  • Date of Birth: July 27, 1969
  • Age (As of current): 47 years
  • Place of Birth: Nashua, New Hampshire, United States
  • Gender: Male
  • Spouse: Stephanie McMahon (2003-current)
  • Children: 3
  • Height in m: 1.93 m
  • Height in ft: 6 feet 4 inches
  • Height in cm: 193 cm
  • Weight in kg: 116 kilograms approx.
  • Weight in the pound: 255 lbs.
  • Nationality: American

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