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Zakir Naik, is one of the controversial Islamic Preacher, who is also the founder of ‘Islamic Research Institute (IRF)’ and a TV channel named, ‘Peace TV’. He has man followers and his preaches has also been viewed by many people across the world. He preaches in a modern way, where he uses the Universal Language, ‘English’. He is also seen in a Suit and tie while preaching.


Zakir Naik


Completing his Medical degree, he started off his career as a physician and later opted the career of ‘Dawah’, an Islamic Preacher. During this time, he founded a non-profitable charitable trust, ‘Islamic Research foundation’. He is also the president of the organisation. He has also built a school named, ‘Islamic International School’, where he offers scholarship to poor Muslim Youth.

Zakir, organises lectures and debates around the world and preaches widely about Islam. He has also mentioned that ‘Islam’, has given full freedom to the Islamic women and treats them equally. He has also given lectures in Australia and Gambia, in the year 2004. However, he was denied entry in UK and Canada. In the year 2012, he has given four lectures in Malaysia, as well. He has also expressed his views on ‘Music, Punishment for stealing, Woman Rights, Homosexuality etc’.


Zakir Naik, was accused for delivering many controversial speeches, that are not even acceptable by his own community people. Since, his lectures has created agitation across the country, Government of India, has barred him from giving public speeches. His channel, ‘Peace TV’, has also been barred from telecasting. Including this, it has been claimed that he has access to enormous amount of money from unknown sources. Even though, some sources claim, that he is a millionaire. Recently, a NBW was issued against Zakir, stating that he has some link with the ‘Dhaka Terror Attack’.

Personal Details:

  • Name: Zakir Naik
  • Profession: Preacher
  • Date of birth: October 18, 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Father: Abdul Karim Naik
  • College: University of Mumbai
  • Qualification: Bachelor of Medicines and Surgery (MBBS)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Farhat Naik
  • Children: Rushda Naik, Fariq Zakir Naik

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